Rates for Yoga! Bring it to You!

Are my classes too far away from you? Do you have kids, but have a tight schedule?  Are you wanting yoga but live paycheck to paycheck? I totally get it. I can come to your house or practice in my main space in Tigard. We can also go to a park with your kids and do yoga! I’m flexible, so let’s chat!

Your health and happiness is most important. You might just find something that works! All my prices are listed below. We can arrange payment plans! I also offer discounts on a regular basis! You can get these discounts by keeping up with them on any of my socials! Link is on the right side of your screen! Chance for free yoga, too.

Metal Yoga

Schedule on this page.

9384 SW Tigard St, Tigard, OR 97223

Drop in: $20

4 Class Exp + discount: $75

8 Class Exp + discount: $140

16 Class Exp + discount: $260

Can be paid in cash. PayPal available here.


Private Sessions/Rates:

All tailored for your personal needs. I come to you in the cozy of your own home. Can book a private space if needed for a small fee. Beginners, Injuries, Athletes, Pro, and Mom’s! And anyone in between.

Single session: $60 for one hour

Session Packs: 3 for $160 Must be used within 60 days. Only $53 a class!

4 for $200 Must be used within 60 days. Only $50 a class!

One month of yoga @ 1x a week: $215. This includes a short 20-30 min yoga video you can use at home in between classes. 1 hour class. Best deal! Prepares you for a whole month!


Group Sessions/Rates:

Can’t afford a whole lot, but really want some metal/rock yoga and core strength? Check this out!

Can drive within a 16-ish mile radius. Exceptions can be made. Can drive farther for a fee. PDX, Hillsboro, Beaverton, N-S-NE-SE-NW PDX.

Minimum of 3 students. The more you have, the less it is.

Price ranges from $35 at most per student to $10 at lowest.


DIY Spaces/Rental Referrals(chance for free yoga!):

Do you want regular yoga within the PDX/Hillsboro/Beaverton area near you?

If you find a space, help me get the hook up, and help promote it(IE, talk about it, post on occasion, ect), I’ll give you free yoga for 6 months at that space and discount on personal sessions.

For example, bars, record stores, rental spaces, and anything reasonably hygienic and safe. The options are endless. I can’t do this alone. I need your help! Let’s show Oregon how we roll!


“Metal Yoga” labeled classes on calendar are all done through me. Regardless if I teach in a studio or gym, you’ll still get the yoga you know and love!

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