No Yoga in Your Area? Find Out My Rates!

Are my classes too far away from you? Are you wanting yoga but live paycheck to paycheck? I totally get it.

Your health and happiness is most important. You might just find something that works! We can arrange payment plans! I also offer discount for referrals! Chance for free yoga, too.


Private Sessions/Rates:

All tailored for your personal needs. I come to you in the cozy of your own home. Can book a private space if needed for a small fee. Beginners, Injuries, Athletes, Pro, and Mom’s! And anyone in between.

Single session: $60 for one hour

Session Packs: 3 for $160 Must be used within 60 days. Only $53 a class!

4 for $200 Must be used within 60 days. Only $50 a class!

One month of yoga @ 1x a week: $215. This includes a short 20-30 min yoga video you can use at home in between classes. 1 hour class. Best deal! Prepares you for a whole month!


Group Sessions/Rates:

Can’t afford a whole lot, but really want some metal/rock yoga and core strength? Check this out!

Can drive within a 16-ish mile radius. Exceptions can be made. Can drive farther for a fee. PDX, Hillsboro, Beaverton, N-S-NE-SE-NW PDX.

Minimum of 3 students. The more you have, the less it is.

Price ranges from $35 at most per student to $10 at lowest.


DIY Spaces/Rental Referrals(chance for free yoga!):

Do you want regular yoga within the PDX/Hillsboro/Beaverton area near you?

If you find a space, help me get the hook up, and help promote it(IE, talk about it, post on occasion, ect), I’ll give you free yoga for 6 months at that space and discount on personal sessions.

For example, bars, record stores, rental spaces, and anything reasonably hygienic and safe. The options are endless. I can’t do this alone. I need your help! Let’s show Oregon how we roll!


“Metal Yoga” labeled classes on calendar are all done through me. Each class is $12 paid via Paypal to or cash in person.


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